Enjoy the Winter Season by Engaging Into Winter Sports

Winter SportsWinter may be an uncomfortable season for many people but to some, it is the time they are waiting for to enjoy some winter sports. There are also many people who just wait for winter in order to learn a new kind of recreation or sports. Gone are the days when you just wrap yourself in your blanket and stay indoors until the cold season is over. You have to live every season and engaging in winter recreational activities will ensure that winter is the new summer when it comes to an array of enjoyable sports activities that can be done by both adults and children.

What Winter Sports Are Available To Try?
There are in fact a lot of winter sports activities that you can choose from. Some may also be enjoyed by kids. Winter sports for kids include figure skating, skiing, ice hockey, snow skating, building snowmen, snowball fight and ice fishing among others. Ice sports for adults include sledding, ice climbing, snow mobile racing, ski jumping, snowboarding, snow rugby and many more.

Trying a few of these winter activities will definitely make your winter season a very short one. You would most likely want to head straight to the next winter if you are having so much fun. Don’t have any idea how some of these sports are played? Don’t worry; you can learn from a winter sports school as a lot of them are full of activities for the entire stretch of the winter season. Most of these schools offer skiing, snowboarding and figure skating lessons.

Where To Go For An Enjoyable Winter Vacation With These Available Sports Activities?
The best way to enjoy winter is to go on a vacation and learn the above mentioned recreational activities. However, if you are just about to start with this idea, it is safe to assume that you do not have a very good clue as to where to go. Worry not as we have listed the best places to visit during winter to experience winter sports.

• Mount Rainier National Park in Washington – Mount Rainier is a great place to start your winter recreation adventure with. The place is perfect for the whole family. Activities include guided winter camping and trekking, snow play for the kids that includes sledding and sliding, snowshoe walks for the ladies, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling for the guys. Mount Rainier makes sure that every family member has an activity to enjoy every day in the duration of their stay.

• Aspen Snowmass in Colorado – Aspen is a very famous place that turns into an instant wonderland when winter season comes. It is the favorite destination of winter sports enthusiasts. The place is commonly visited by beginner to expert hobbyists. The most common sports offered in Aspen are cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, snowmobiling, guided snowshoe and ski tours and sledding. There are also ski and snowboard schools where you can drop your kids off to learn a winter sport while you can go on a more adventurous snow activity. Aspen Snowmass even holds big winter sports events that the family can watch. There are Aspen lodges that could accommodate your family for your entire stay.

• Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Yellowstone is another famous winter destination within the US. It is a great place for kids as Yellowstone is full of natural wonders from snowy landscapes to sprouting geysers. Adults can have more serious winter activities too like cross-country skiing, sledding, snowboarding and snowmobiling. The whole family can go on a ranger-guided snowshoe or ski trek.

• British Columbia – British Columbia is a winter sport haven for serious hobbyists. The mountains are tall and they are covered in snow during the winter. Activities included heli-skiing, dogsledding, ice climbing, cross-country and back-country skiing, snowboarding and snow sliding sports.

What Winter Sports Gear And Equipment Are Used In The Afore-Mentioned Winter Sports?
Just like any other types of sports, winter sports also has its specific winter sports equipment and gear that you must have and know how to use to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions, avoid accidents and be able to enjoy the activity in full.

Below is a list of winter sports gear, equipment, apparel and accessories:

Snowboard – Used in snowboarding, snowboards look like a typical skate board only it is intended to be used on powder or snow.
Boots – Boots intended for a particular winter sport of your choice insulate your feet and protect them from the harsh cold. They are also attached to other equipment like a board or ski.
Goggles – Goggles are a must when you do winter sports most especially when you have to thread powder. They are used to protect your eyes.
Snowboard Bindings – They are used to strap your boots (ergo your whole body) to your snowboard.
Helmets – They are used to protect your head from shock and trauma when participating in hockey, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and more.
Figure Skates – They serve as your shoes when you engage in figure-skating.
Ski and Snow Pants – You can rarely see people wearing shorts to a winter sport activity. Snow pants are usually used to cover your legs and serve as protection for them too.
Winter Jackets – Just like snow pants, winter jackets are essential items of clothing for a winter sport. They keep your body warm and protected.
Skis – They are snowboard counterparts and are attached to ski shoes.
Ski Bags – Used as luggage for your skis
• Elbow and Knee Pads – They are protective gears usually used in extreme snow sports like hockey, skiing and snowboarding.
Mouth guards – They are used to protect your teeth, jaws and gums when engaging in extreme winter sports like hockey.
Hockey Sticks – Used in hockey to hit the puck just like a club in golf.
Face masks – Are used to protect the face and the jaw area from trauma, commonly used in hockey.
Shin and Shoulder Pads – Used in protecting your body against physical trauma just like elbow and knee pads.
Ski Poles – Used as support for balance and to propel the body while skiing.
Snow Shoes – Footwear and protection for snowshoeing.
Action cameras – They belong to accessories to capture every action in your chosen winter sports. GoPro cameras are the most ideal action cameras to use. They are designed especially for sports.

There are still a lot of winter sports gear and equipment not listed above. There seems to be a lot but you don’t have to worry about buying all of them. Prepare your basic needs like winter clothing items and you can just rent the rest. Ski resorts and winter sports destinations like the ones listed above offer gears and equipment that you can just rent.